Wrist-Assist from RS Innovations - Inventor

After 13 years as a successful nail professional, I was diagnosed with a chronic muscular syndrome called fibromyalgia. The work related muscle fatigue from bending, lifting and manipulating my clients’ hands became unbearable. My doctors told me that I had to give up my career, because it was the worst thing I could be doing for my body.

Robin Stopper, Manager
RS Innovations, LLC.
With a thriving business and a passion for the nail industry, I refused to listen. Determined to continue on as a nail professional, I was forced to come up with a solution...

I realized the need for a product that would support and elevate the clients’ hands, while still allowing free movement in all directions, and the Wrist-Assist was created. The unit rolls, which allows the technician to position the clients’ hands as close as necessary, improving posture and reducing fatigue. The ergonomic design raises clients’ hands to the proper elevation. The foam pad comfortably supports and stabilizes clients’ hand, yet moves freely in lateral directions to perform all tasks. The combined features of the Wrist-Assist reduce muscle fatigue in technicians back, neck, hands and wrists and provide increased client comfort.

I’m proud to say that after 33 years I’m still a successful nail professional! I attribute this to the Wrist-Assist. It helped me; I know it can help you.

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