Wrist-Assist from RS Innovations - Features

  • Ergonomic height design supports client hands at the proper elevation
  • Multi-directional design allows movement and placement of clients' hands exactly where needed to perform services comfortably
  • Soft, sanitizable cushion
  • Elevated design is perfect for ventilated work stations
  • Rubber o-rings prevent sliding and workstation scratches
  • Unique design is patented and not available anywhere else
  • Available in two sizes! Technicians with smaller hands tend to prefer the original size. Technicians with average to large hands tend to prefer the large size.
  • Vertical use: Both sizes will raise the client's hands approximately 6 1/2" above the workstation.
  • Horizontal use: Original size will hold the bottom of the client's wrist at 1 7/8" above the workstation. Large size will hold the bottom of the client's wrist at 2 1/4" above the workstation.
  • Portable

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