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TESTIMONIALS: "I love networking online with fellow nail professionals so I can find out what's out there that works. After reading the buzz about the Wrist-Assist for a few months I decided to treat myself to one. Little did I know it was more than a treat, it was just what I needed to elongate my nail career. Who would have thought a small device to rest my clients wrist on would improve my overall posture and change the way I do nails to benefit my hands and wrists!?!"
 ~ Holly L. Schippers, CND Education Ambassador

The Wrist-Assist was designed by a nail professional to relieve the strain associated with the nail industry. It lifts and supports the weight of the client's hand and arm allowing their fingers to float in all directions over the workstation. This allows the professional to achieve proper posture, placement and movement with minimal effort preventing fatigue, injury and pain. Placed upright, on its end, it provides even higher support. It is also relaxing for the client and keeps them from "helping you".

This product is designed to promote comfort and ease resulting in a long career as a nail professional. No more fighting to achieve proper client placement will result in increased service time and income. It can be sanitized between clients and decorated to use as a canvas for your artwork! You can choose between two cushion sizes, or, the kit comes with both, enabling support at three different heights. Please see what others have said about this product.

Thank you for your interest in our product. Feel free contact us with any questions.

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